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Komende conventies

Vind Zuzana Tattoos bij de volgende conventies. Kom langs om een praatje te maken, zie me aan het werk en doe inspiratie op! Je kunt me vinden bij de categorieën "realisme" en "realistische tatoeages" of "black and grey realism".

Binnenkort kondig ik de conventies van 2024 aan!

Conventies: Tentoonstellingen

Afgelopen conventies


Rotterdam Tattoo Convention

11 & 12 maart 2023

"This year, both young and old tattoo artists, along with Industry vendors, entertainers, clothing and ink devotees will be in the spotlights of the Ahoy in Rotterdam. The Rotterdam Tattoo Convention is a cross section of the best in the tattoo industry. Traditional, Realism, Script, Black and Gray, New School and Old School artists all tattooing under one roof. With space for more then 150 booths and more than 200 artists attending, everyone makes a point to attend our Rotterdam event. On stage High Class Burlesque Acts.  It is definitely worth exploring to get this colorful world for inspiration or knowledge to do or even a new ‘asset’ to your body. The artists are ready to provide you with the most tattoos. Now’s your chance and you can see them at work.

This year we have more than 200 artists (all kinds) from different countries."

- WorldTattooEvents.Com

Ink Panthers Tattoo Convention 2023.jpg

Ink Panthers Tattoo Convention Roermond

15 en 16 juli 2023

"This will be our second edition of the Ink Panthers tattoo convention with +/- 70 international artists and vendors. Organized for artists to show their (tattoo)arts & all the public who loves the tattoo art. Live music and good food. You can buy a ticket for our convention for the Saturday, Sunday or the whole weekend!"


Conventies: Tentoonstellingen
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